At fever pitch in summer! Anime Music festival

The most popular anime bands will play the anime songs that fans should be all familiar with! Everyone will be definitely at fever pitch at the Taoyuan anime fair in this summer!

  1. ★Time: July 21, 2019 (Sun.) 15:30-17:30
  2. ★Location: the Exhibition Hall on the 2nd Floor, Taoyuan Arts Center
  3. ★Free admission

Cast of band


Actively performing in major exhibitions, TinyMinim, is mainly performing with Japanese songs as its theme. Only within one year of its foundation, TinyMinim has won the first place in the Xin Hua original music production competition and the third place in the anime music competition. TinyMinim believes that music is the starting point for everything and also the secret to gather people together. Come and join the TM universe! Let me use the power of music to bring you the superpower without boundaries.

Sanso Human

The so-called sanso, means oxygen in Japanese. The oxygen human means the transparent human. Specifically speaking, it actually means outsiders. Sanso Human have positioned themselves as a music and dance band. Not only the vocalist is able to dance but even other band members will be able to dance together in the future. Sanso Human is a band with a group of music members who love those classic ACG songs, the outsider in the ACG circle!


Originated from the south of Taiwan, the members are from the ACG band and all of them have stable performance ability. The self-created songs are composed by the vocalist YANE for lyrics and the guitarist Carnival for the melody. However, 2K is the most irreplaceable melody of YANE. Guitar composition is the strength of Carnival.

Mozanashi Monster

ACG band, is composed of “homebody” working at different fields. Mozanashi Monster loves performing those anime theme songs and popular new songs that will retrieve our memories.


The name of the group is the named from “Casteliacone” in the in the popular video game "Pokémon". The group is consisted of the guitarist Sato Fey (Xiaofey) and vocalist “Whatabigice”.

in Future Days