Let’s dance with your craze for anime!

We invite the super cute and popular team group to lead our audience for all ages to dance together. Let’s enjoy the enthusiasm of the Taoyuan ACGT fair in this summer!

  1. ★ Time: July 28, 2019 (Sun.) 15:30-17:30
  2. ★ Location: 2nd Floor of the Exhibition Hall, Taoyuan Arts Center
  3. ★Free admission

Dance team

Bonnie Bunny

Bonnie Bunny is the longest Japanese-styled girls group in Northern Taiwan and has dedicated to promoting Japanese idols and anime culture by their song and dance performances.

Dream ∞ Infinity

Dream basically means "what you pursue" while infinity means"unlimited." This Taiwanese idol group consisting of Lili and Liyuki is good at performing Japanese idol songs.


Founded in 2015, Ƥrîncëss consists of a group of girls who love idols. The performance is mainly relied on singing the songs of 48Group, supplemented by the CG dance.


On December 30th, 2017, the group Camellia were officially founded. Camellia started actively performing in various exhibitions.

Ice Queen

Megi and Pipi are twins. They both love singing, dancing and COSPLAY! This group from ice and snow has been working hard, hoping to shine on each stage.