Hero X shinning in the world! Cosplay Competition

We appeal COSER around Taiwan for registration online! At the competition, COSER will be ask to perform 1 to 3 minutes, such as catwalks, talents, singing, dancing etc. to show their exclusive charm of characters!

  1. ★Time: July 21, 2019 (Sun.) 15:30-17:30
  2. ★Location: 2nd Floor Exhibition Hall, Taoyuan Arts Center
  3. ★Free for visit
  4. ★★Anyone who is 18+ years old and loves COSPLAY can sign up for the competition!
  5. Entry time: June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019
  6. For more details, pleasedownloadthe pamphlet or check the [Taoyuan International Anime Exhibition] official fan page
  1. ★Competition rewards:

  2. Champion: NT$30,000
  3. The second place: NT$20,000
  4. The third place: NT$6,000



XI ZHEN is a famous experienced COSER in Taiwan, also the founder of the puppet show COSPLAY. She is highly respected in the circle also a spiritual role model of many COS lovers.


Taking the COSPLAY catwalk as a stage drama, the dressing details and the professional of Sha Qi have attracted the attention of the fans within a short time.


Ryokuyo is equipped with make-up skill of special effects, which have been applied to many of her wonderful works of Cosplay. In addition to the fame of being a COSER,Ryokuyo has also made remarkable achievements in teaching COSPLAY.