Anime A: Going through Space-time

As a carrier of "dreams", anime has accompanied the children of the 7th , 8th and 9th generations who may have been waiting in front of TV during their childhood years. They are an indispensable part of life of our growth.


Theatrical Edition: Crayon Shin-chan

Since the comics Crayon Shin-chan has been launched in 1992, it has been very popular among family and child. The theatrical special edition that is launched every year is also always the best-seller. As the latest work in 2019, this is the first time that taking Australia as the background of the story. In the story, Shin-chan 's parents, Nohara Hiroshi, and Misae, who took Shin-chan to a honeymoon tour that was also allowed for family trips. While they are enjoying this wonderful family time, accidentally adventure starts...

Theatrical Edition: City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eye

Created by Hojo Tsukasa, with the long-lasting popularity"City Hunter", which has been published for more than 50 million copies worldwide. It has been serialized since 1985 and has been adapted into anime, novels, TV drama and live-action movies. The private detectives known as "City Hunters" are equipped with sense of humor and justice.They good at handling a variety of tricky tasks and are well-recognized by the clients. After the release of special edition of anime in 1999, it took 20 years for a new work to be launched. With Shinjuku in Japan as background, the character, with superior skills and the outgoing heroine will eradicate the evil in the city very time for every tricky commission in a unique way.

Proware Multimedia international co., Ltd.

Detective Conan:The Fist of Blue Sapphire

"Detective Conan, who looks like a child, acts wiser than the ordinary!” is the popular slogan for fans since the 1990s. The latest movie version of 2019, the story begins with the world's largest sapphire "The Fist of Blue Sapphire”, which was sunk near Singapore with the pirate at the end of the 19th century. The local rich men have planned to get it ashore, but on once public occasion, a case of the murder happened at the Bay Hotel. A notice letter from the Kaitou Kiddo has been found.

Mobile Suit Gundam NT

It has been 27 years since the "Mobile Suit Gundam F91"! The brand-new movie of the Universe Century Series was finally born! Describing the follow-up development of "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", this is the latest work in the Universe Century Legend!

2019 is the year of the 40th anniversary of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" broadcast. The official has launched the film "Mobile Suit Gundam NT". The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam #3 suddenly appeared again on Earth, which was mysteriously vanished two years ago and erased from the history . For what is called "Phoenix", a group of people set off again. In the story, you will see many of the characters appearing in the "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" in the past which the Gundam fans should be very excited.

Qianxing Yinghua Media Co., Ltd

Qianxing Yinghua Media Co., Ltd. from China is a professional anime production company for two-dimension. Qianxing Yinghua Media Co., Ltd. has participated in the OEM and the production of well-known Japanese serial animes such as "Detective Conan", "Naruto", "One Piece", "Attack on Titan". Qianxing Yinghua Media has also contributed to the development of original animated cartoons.

The Legend of Mr. Yang Ming

"The Legend of Mr. Yang Ming" is an anime film about the important turning point for Mr. Yang Ming political career based on his growth story and process of his theoretical formation . This film has adopted the Japanese anime production method that has been popular among teenagers, and integrated into the trendy elements. The idea “ awareness comes only through practice”advocated by Mr. Yang Ming was also integrated into the anime, so that young people may understand the Chinese traditional culture via entertainment.

Because of you

This is a story describing the emotion with love-hate about main character Xu Xiao and the heroine Yanni, Lin along their growth. The story has been focused on their different growth and experiences of them. The ups and downs of the life that the 70s and 80s may have been experienced was vividly been depicted, which may bring the common agreement of young people.

The Blood Of The Grey

This is a story about a man born in the west of 1837, with the vampire blood. He has been always trying to live in a harmonic way of with the contradiction between human life and vampire. In 1842, due to the war atmosphere through out the central part of Texas, thieves and robbers looted the town. Consequently, the enthusiastic Texas Ranger stood out to protect the locals. The Indians has still occupied the lands surrounded so it was almost impossible to move toward the west.

Xanthus Animation Studio

Xanthus Animation Studio is a Taiwanese anime creative team with the capabilities of both product development and production. Xanthus has been committed to high-quality digital audio and video development and production for many years. Since 2004 of its establishment, Xanthus has produced more than 100 anime works and won more than 30 domestic and international anime awards.


Eastern Town is a little town between countryside and city where legendary figures, mythical monsters and human-like animals reside in.

Yameme, the heroine of our story, is the only daughter of the Eastern Town Mayor. She is at her third year in Eastern Primary School where many different kinds of monsters are her classmates, including Demio - an overseas student from the West. Yameme and Demio have become the interesting partners of each other who have been on adventures together and caused many interesting affairs.


After the destruction of the earth which means the only place where we are living is destroyed, will the mysterious seed be the hope of our rebirth?

The story of the cartoon "Rebirth" is based on the future. Humans hide under the ground in order to avoid disasters. However, the uneven distribution of resources has caused the owner Tuo, Wu to leave with seeds to seek the hope of human survival in the future. This is a Taiwanese adventuring anime that is started with end of the world or the last minute, presenting how to seek the hope back in the destroyed world.


Founded in 2016, "NPY STUDIO" has taken the puppet show as the main character of creation, exploring the new look of the Taiwanese puppet culture combined with network. In this era with fast transmission of information, common use of Smart devices, people who may or may not be familiar with the culture can re-recognize the puppet show.

Underworld Rangers

Where there are people, there are conflicts. A long time ago, in a chaotic era, the people were full of all kinds of complaints and life was miserable. In this troubled era, there is a small temple that is unknown and there was even no monks.


Prometheus is a local creative team. Prometheus, was originally the name of a god in the Greek mythology that gave wisdom and flame to human, which means "foresight." ProMEtheus aims to create different ways of cooperation and the direction of development in the existing anime market.