The theme of "hero", which should be familiar to everyone, will lead you to look in the various styles demonstrated by the comics artists. People will also be also to deeply experience the charm of the comic world! Comic masters from five countries, including those masters who have been drawing for the international comic companies such as MARVEL and DC, will gather together with local comic artists and learn from each other.

The US comics:The King of hero in the world


An US comics master from Malaysia, has been the main artist of two major comic companies in Marvel and DC in the United States. He has mixed the American delicate style and the heroic style in Hong Kong . The majestic manner has even brought the US works the deeper visual enjoyment. ALAN QUAH has been awarded as “the head of the US comics”.

●representative work :《Godzilla》、《Dark Souls》、《The Vampire Diaries》etc.

The US comics: God of Muscle and curve


JIMBO SALGADO, who was born in the Philippines, has extensively studied various comic techniques at school. He has demonstrated his talents in the anime and film industry, and sharped his skills by the draft cleaning work, which is the basic job of comics. Gradually, due to his own efforts, he has developed his unique and novel style, and turned into the master who has been able to curve the muscle of characters.

●Representative works: "Batman: Arkham City" Batman series, "Grimm Fairy Tales" , "Transformers" Transformers series.

Japan: the head of robotic Anime

Yamada Goro

Yamada Goro is a very senior Japanese comics artist, the first creator of the classic anime "Kamen Rider" series. Since the 1970s, he has created robotic warrior legends for decades.

●Representative works:"ROBOMAN Kikaider" , "Kamen Rider " Kamen Rider series, "Robot Criminal" mechanical criminal series.

Hong Kong: the legend of comics in Hong Kong

Jiabao, Yuan

The comics works of Mr. Yuan, including are deeply printed in every heart of Hong Kong fans. In the series of works, 90 pages per week, Mr. Yuan has never procrastinated any draft for three years. He has been widely praised in the Hong Kong comics circles and called as "the Great Emperor".

●Representative works: "Black leopard", "Chinese Hero", "Fighting King" etc.

Malaysia: Super flexible Agent

REDCODE (Guojing, Li)

REDCODE has created the best-selling adventure comic book "X-Exploration Agent Team" in Malaysia. In addition, the super hero/beauty series and comic works created by him have also received high evaluation from DC and CAPCOM. With variety in his style, no matter sci-fi, love, horror, or humor, REDCODE is always able to handle it exactly .

●Representative works:"X Adventure Agent ‧ Dinosaur Century", "King of the Beast" series and "Dinosaur Century 2" series.

Taiwan: Classic and immortal of youth

Wenbin, Liao

Many young people in Taiwan may have grown up with his representative work "Young Master" ! This comics describes the legendary hero, Huang Feihong, who has a strong sense of justice and loves taking up the cudgel. With perseverance, Huang Feihong went through many trials and is equipped with outstanding martial arts! The work was all the rage in the China in an unauthorized way and has been also adapted into an anime "New Young Master".

●Representative works:series、《Game Boy》、 《Dragon Lord》etc.

Taiwan: Refinehero by ten years

Xiwen, Huang

When Mr.Huang has decided to create a long comics story, he chose the theme of "Shanghai Junior" and began to read a lot of Shanghai's historical documents and books. He visited Shanghai many times, deciding to use the image of Blue Rex and turned into main character. Taking the year of 1929 as the background, he has created the A4 size, a 240-page colored comic books about the youth adventure story.

●Representative works:《It‘s REX》、《Shanghai Junior》

Taiwan: Superman revived genius


AMURO has an indelible soul for creation. From doodling on paper to the graffiti on textbooks, the idea of being a comic artist was generated. He began to engage with a large number of Japanese works,has published many club magazines, He is now actively engaging in activities of creation.

Lasting the idea of the "Ancient Superman" in the original " L-Man", people with special abilities awaken the superhuman power that is deep in body by different chance. They believe in the justice they have recognized, which lead to conflicts and opposition. Thus, battle are kicked off.

●Representative work:《L-MAN REGENERATION!》

Taiwan: the guardian of Taoyuan

YiLan, Shia

From Bade, Taoyuan , Mr. Shia is committing to combining comics with the resident life of Taoyuan , founding [Mr. Shia Comic Classroom] to bring comics into the public community. In this way, residents will be able to enjoy in colors. Mr. Shia is definitely the warmest and popular comic teacher in Taoyuan.

Mr. Shia has repeatedly created by the local cultural features of Taoyuan, which was been exhibited at the Taoyuan Longtan Comic fair, and committed to the fair of, which was an united comics exhibition of teachers in Taoyuan. Besides, Mr. Shia originally created the anime characters in andand has vividly demonstrated the feature of Taoyuan by comics.

Taiwan: Human illusionist


Mr. Zheng is a Taiwanese comic artist who loves originality. He was the editor of Tong-li Publishing Co., the main editor of of the comics and magazines of [MAGIC] in Sharp Point Publishing Group . Later, Mr.Zheng has transferred to the field of comics creation. His works has been published in the monthly magazineand the monthly youth Comic "TEMPO" , also in China Times and United Daily New for serialized short comics.

With several comic experience, Zheng has made contributions to the Taiwan comics circles. He has founded a Taiwan professional review website for comics and is a current director of the Taipei Comic Union.

●Representative works:Martial arts comics、serialized Ironic comics posted in Weekend United Daily Evening New etc.