Game G: Flying to the Universe

PS4, with the advanced portrait ability and processing performance which is undefeated in the game market; Nintendo SWITCH, with the flexibility of game rules according to different occasions; VR, motion Sensing Game, bringing users the five-sense experience by the immersion from virtual reality. This summer, welcome to the anime fair with all your family and friends. Let’s enjoy this game paradise with the most diversity and excitement!


Attack on titan-Final battle

KT have worked on reproducing the global view of "Attack on titan” since the "Attack on titan-Final battle” is the 2nd work of the same-named game series, created by Hajime Isayama. Game players may be able to experience the horror titan who are more realistic than the first work, while enjoying attacking the titans by using the updated action system.


From a technological island, these unicorns are working hard on their imaginative creations and enjoying anything is good on the island with human. Unicorn Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a local game development team, committing to developing more VR game with high quality.

Hide and Seek

The VR work "Hide and Seek", with Japanese style combined with the haunted house adventure with horrible and fantastic elements has immediately drown the attention of Taiwanese players during its first release at the 2018 Taipei International Game Show. With the Japanese-style room as the stage, in addition to combining the elements of the Japanese monsters, Jack and the magic beans, magic and other elements have also been added in, increasing lots of magical elements in the game, which has been very popular among group players. Let’s challenge solving the puzzle in the monster world and fight with the team and enjoy the magical world in the game!