2019 Taoyuan International AGCT Fair 7/19(Fir)~7/28(Sun) Taoyuan Arts Center

The main idea of fair

【ACGT+Taoyuan】Five warriors

Taking the Japanese featured troops which Taiwanese audience may be familiar with as a reference, the main idea of "ACGT+Taoyuan" has been imagined to be five heroic warriors.

Anime Blue Warrior A
a creator full of imagination and talents

Although Blue Warrior A looks arrogant and seemingly acts proudly, s Fighting he has a keen observation and perception of the world. The observation can be transformed into plenty of creative power and bringing the world a variety of sense of beauty and imagination!

Comics Red Warrior C
an adventurer with enthusiasm and courage

With strong personality with sense of justice, Red Warrior C is the leader of the ACGT world. He is always facing the world with curiosity, bravely trying and exploring anything unknown. Red Warrior C is always able to face all kinds of challenges ahead with no fear!

Game Green Warrior G
a leader with sincerity and confidence

Green Warrior G is active and always believes in herself, always being loyal to her own opinions. Being good at communication and expression, she is always able to give people around her a lot of confidence. she is actually an indispensable leader in the team!

Toy Black Warrior T
a guardian with knowledge and perspectives

Being deliberated and always analyzes anything in a rational manner, Black Warrior T calmly solves any problem at present. Love reading, he is also able to absorb and listen to all kinds of information because Black Warrior T believes that learning can bring him power!

Taoyuan Pink Warrior TY
a lucky star with optimism and kindness

With a personality of being interesting and cheerful, Pink Warrior TY loves helping others and has strong sympathy of understanding others. Wherever she goes, the place will be definitely full of sense of warmth. Pink Warrior TY has always brought the world a lot of energy and power!

Animation Exhibition

Comic C: Hero of times

The theme of "hero", which should be familiar to everyone, will lead you to look in the various styles demonstrated by the comics artists. People will also be also to deeply experience the charm of the comic world! Comic masters from five countries, including those masters who have been drawing for the international comic companies such as MARVEL and DC, will gather together with local comic artists and learn from each other.


Anime A: Going through Space-time

As a carrier of "dreams", anime has accompanied the children of the 7th , 8th and 9th generations who may have been waiting in front of TV during their childhood years. They are an indispensable part of life of our growth.


Game G: Flying to the Universe

PS4, with the advanced portrait ability and processing performance which is undefeated in the game market; Nintendo SWITCH, with the flexibility of game rules according to different occasions; VR, motion Sensing Game, bringing users the five-sense experience by the immersion from virtual reality. This summer, welcome to the anime fair with all your family and friends. Let’s enjoy this game paradise with the most diversity and excitement!


Action figure T: The strongest troops



Animation Activities

Hero gathering - Picnic party
At fever pitch in summer! Anime Music festival
Let’s dance with your craze for anime!
Hero X shinning in the world! Cosplay Competition
Fighting is undying! Street Fighter Competition in Taoyuan
Little depth activity


Creative market of anime theme
Listening and reading area: Planet of Adventure

Time schedule

Time Activity
7/19 14:00-15:00 Grand opening ceremony & press conference
7/20 10:00-18:00 Creative market of anime theme
11:00-12:00 Fans meeting with anime figure
14:00-15:30 Fighting is undying! Street Fighter Competition in Taoyuan
16:00~18:00 Hero gathering-Picnic party
16:00-17:00 Fan meeting with anime figures(outdoor stage)
17:10-18:00 【How amazing the US anime is!】meet& greet with masters
7/21/td> 13:30-14:30 【The immortal Kamen Rider】meet& greet with Yamada Goro
16:30-17:30 At fever pitch in summer! Anime Music festival (main stage)
7/22 13:30-15:00 【DIY a hero】 Cute paper craft by DIY
15:30-17:00 【DIY a hero】 Cute paper craft by DIY
7/23 13:30-15:00 【Play with hero】Cool anime figure by DIY
15:30-17:00 【Play with hero】Cool anime figure by DIY
7/24 13:30-15:00 【Train your dragon】3D hero by DIY
15:30-17:00 【Challenge for everyone】friendly e-Sports competition
7/25 13:30-15:00 【Comics classroom】Comics classroom of Mr.Shia
15:30-17:00 【Comics classroom】Comics classroom of Mr.Shia
7/26 13:30-15:00 【【comics classroom】Heroic dressing by DIY
15:30-17:00 【Challenge for everyone】 friendly e-Sports competition
7/27 10:30-12:00 【Deliver characters all your love】Meet& greet with COSER
14:30-17:30 Transformation X shinning in the world Cosplay Competition(main stage)
7/28 10:30-12:00 New future of ACGT -Forum for anime heroes
15:30-17:30 Let’s dance with your craze for anime(main stage)
17:30 Closing ceremony


2019 Taoyuan International AGCT Fair

  1. Time:10:00-18:00
  2. Location:Taoyuan Arts Center

Matsu Art Village culture park

  1. Opening hours: From 9:00 am to 18:00 pm, closed on Monday
  2. Location:Matsu Art Village, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City
  3. (1) By driving:

  4. Recommendation for positioning navigation: No. 252, Longji 2nd Street, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320(There are some parking spaces surrounded. )
  5. (2) By public transportation:

  6. From the “front exit” of Zhongli train station:Walk to Zhongli bus stop of Taoyuan Bus(No.51, Zhongzheng Road, Zhongli District/Next to McDonald), transfer to 112 south、115 Jia、5008、5011、5050, and get off at the stop “Mazu Art Village”. Approximately 10 minutes of the ride.
  7. From the “rear exit” of Zhongli train station:walk to the bus waiting area at the rear exit of Taoyuan Bus (turn right once you get off the rear exit) , transfer to 5091, 5098, and get off at the stop “Mazu Art Village”. Approximately 10 minutes of the ride.

2019 Taoyuan International ACGT Fair

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